Habitually, I’ll save links that I spot on redit or hackernews that I want to read later. Here are my links this week, they focus on a range of topics, security, testing angular and a new approach to CSS.

How to safely store passwords in 2016 - I suspect that this is in response to a god awful article that was posted to /r/PHP last week that recomended some very out of date security practices. In response to that steaming pile, Florida based outfit, Paragon Initiative have posted a wonderful article dealing with the best ways to store passwords in some of the most common languages used for web apps today. It’s a very well written guide, and it explains what you should be doing, and why, in a consise, informative way.

/r/conTalks - A great sub I was pointed to during the week that collects various tech focused confrence talks.

Things you should know about JS events - An interesting post by Pierre de Wulf that covers how javascript treats DOM events.

Intern - An interesting javascript based testing framework.

Writing your first app on Angular 2 - One of the things on my todo list is to get a better handle of Angular and React. I saw this article posted somewhere during the week, and it seems like a good place to start. Daniel Pereira has also posted Part 2 and Part 3.

Progressive CSS - Chrome developer advocate, Jake Archibald, has written a very interesting post. It deals with breaking up stylesheets, and placing them where they are needed in the document, rather than the current practice of minifying everything into a huge single css file that you stick in the header. His aim is to get around the blocking of rendering, i.e., it loads the css it needs for the next immediate section, then renders the section, then loads the next bit, etc.

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