Habitually, I’ll save links that I spot on redit or hackernews that I want to read later. Here are my links this week, they focus on a range of topics, github, testing angular and a new approach to CSS.

Programming talks - A curated list of great programing talks

Material cards - This is quite clever, looks like an interesting way to display author information, or mabey con speakers. Looks like it would fit in nice with any material theme.

How to monitor your linux machine - A decent looking overview on server monitoring, it takes you from the basics, like top to the sass solutions like scout or new relic, all the way to rolling your own solution with InfluxDB, Grafana & Telegraf. I particuarly like the look of InfluxDB, it is not a tool I have come across before and it’s interesting that you can just post it application data too.

Custom blade directives - Jesse Schutt walks you creating a custom blade directive for use in your laravel projects.

SVG.JS - A lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG.

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