When managing a WordPress network, there is no obvious way to easily duplicate content across multiple sites (other than copying and pasting, which also means that if you need to update it in all places at once, it needs to be done page at a time too.)

Enter ThreeWP Broadcast. Broadcast allows administrators to broadcast posts to any or all network sites. This duplicates the content as a child (and optionally keeps them linked). While linked, updating the master updates all children, while still allowing children to be edited individually too if you so prefer. It works a treat, the only issue I have with it so far is that there is no quick way to multi broadcast. If I add a new site to the network, and I want to duplicate the 10 shared content pages, I must edit all 10 pages and share them one by one (But this only needs doing when a new site is added, so it’s not the end of the world.)

Ian McCarthy

A 30 something year old Irish developer